‘Couple and Saucer’

Refreshing. Lovely. Romantic.


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Delhi High Court legalizes Homosexual relationship. Finally some recognition for homosexuals. They need not be suffocated by the society. A first step towards a giant progress. Good for all, I believe.

Hopeless Reliance Mobile Service

…to know my call charges, I dialled *333 [the Reliance Customer Care]… rings.. call connected – IVR response…“Welcome to Reliance. Reliance Mobile has been voted as India’s Number 1 service brand. Thanks for your support. Today this is your 8th call to the service center”

The IVR continues with Language options. After the choice of language it gives three choices, one to know the account balance, other for other services and the last for changing the language options or previous menu [don’t remember]

I choose 2. Some on-hold music starts playing…

1 minute. Ok!
2 minutes. Crap..
3 minutes. Fed up..
Into the 4th minute…
Hung the call for the 8th time in that day alone..

I tried a few more times. It was the umpteenth call I made to the Customer care in the last three days. No response.

The toping on all this IVR drama was the Voice response of ‘Reliance Mobile has been voted as India’s Number 1 service brand’. Bull shit! Utter crap! Supremely irritating when you are the customer & your don’t get proper service for days & Your customer service trumphets being voted the best Service brand.

Who on earth conducts these polls & who votes for them?

Notwithstanding the IVR menace, I travelled to the nearby ‘Reliance Communications’ office to discuss the matter. Learnt the tariff plan. When discussed the problem, a smart arse who sits in the customer helpdesk tells, “Why don’t you visit http://www.rcom.co.in/ & log a complaint”. Bloody hell! If that can solve the problem why on earth is he sitting here and rubbing his butt? After a little drama he suggests to call 30333333 another customer care center.

The Reliance irritation has continued to be with me since September, 2008. The connection continued to survive even during my short stay of 5months in Bengaluru. This time around I decided it was heights & got myself a GSM connection within days..

I have used 4 service providers at various points of time in the last 4-5 years. With the exception of Reliance, other providers have been very good.

[Update – 02/11/2009] Started using Reliance once again. Other providers seem to be charging too much! Looks like service has improved.

Writing.. because I like to.

I have been blogging since the last four years. Hardly active I should say! Reading, writing & music are my passions. I used blogger then, now starting a wordpress blog. Hope to do active blogging.

Wish me luck.

India lost the second T20 today. Was wondering if this defeat should be called, Getting defeated less comprehensively.

Fairy tales do happen..

Slumdog continued its dream run in Oscar. Resul Pookotty & A R Rahman gave us all, Indian movie lovers, reasons to smile when they both won the Oscar for Sound-design & Original Music Score respectively.

Indian movies rock.

A proud Indian music lover

A kind gesture by a Gentleman

It needs a nice heart to think of people who make their lives around. And that to when you are troubled such a gesture makes you stand above the rest. It was so kind of you Shahrukh to do this. Hats off!