Ever come across a pdf file with print option blocked? Frustrating. Ain’t it? There are many solutions to it. Installing Ghostscript & Ghostview is the simplest of solutions.

Step 1: Download Ghostscript & Ghostview installers.

Step 2: Install Ghostscript and then Ghostview.

Step 3: Open GSview that is installed, drag-drop or open the pdf file that you intend to print.

Step 4: Print. Bingo! there you have it.    

In few cases the pdf quality reduces but you are smiling already aren’t you! Find Ghostscript & Ghostview installers here. Ghostscript & Ghostview are free software shared under GNU General Public License.

Note: Stumbled across this information during a random-desperate-I-need-to-print-this-pdf search. Before using the tweak please take note of the pdf authors intent and check if you can obtain his/her permission.