I find it funny when people talk about English cricketers playing for the country, nationality and all. England team is well managed, nicely assembled team with well performing migrants, spare a few.

To expect them to play well is ‘OK’. But expecting them to play for the country sounds dumb. Isn’t it? Most of them are professional cricketers earning their bread.

If Pietersen performs well it is good, else reduce his match fee. He will be motivated perform consistently.

Cricket is a funny game. With club cricket (read IPL) doing spectacularly well and globalisation happening all around, Cricket is bound to grow leaps and bounds. But  I still hope for national-sentiments to remain alive in spite of the riches involved.

Seeing Virender Sehwag open batting for a IPL franchisee with a Japenese will not be a distant dream with IPL and T20 doing well. Some changes are certainly unchangeable.