She makes him smile. She makes him blush. She makes him think. Ya! He is in love. He is mature and more is his love for her. He believes she resembles him. Together they would be wonderful, i believe. It is the simple & most beautiful one-sided love, I have ever come across. I just hope a magic happens.

*The post has been removed in because of the request made by people involved*

The guy tried his level best till the last minute to convince, rather clear all the confusions she had about a relationship. She carried straight face throughout. The guy’s family plan to relocate. She realises on the day of relocation, and conveys her consent in the farewell message. Poor guy. Lucky girl. She is lucky to have him. I am happy for both. But love limps with the distance.


He is a rockstar. He can walk into Buckingham Palace and just say a ‘Hi’ to Queen Victoria and come back. He is a Computer Addict. Internet & Music are like Oxygen & Food to him. All these changed when the cupid struck. She is simple and very much committed to work. An accepted [indianized] dinner date invitation was all it took. They are two beautiful normal people with equal number of complaints, fewer regrets and lots of love for each other. Hope life keeps them going. The pirate stole the best for him.


He is a carefree guy. Enjoys life to the fullest. Likes music and movies. Oh Shit!, I could have just said a normal guy.

Yes! He is a normal, importantly single guy until she entered his life and stormed it. Everything in the world may conspire to take him to the girl but he wouldn’t. Everything is nice, except for the fact that the girl is committed rather I would say complicated. He still remains single and enjoys her presence in his own ways. For all the late night talks, dinner discussions and bike rides, he still likes her. Love Reigns.[Raj, naam toh suna hoga!! Oops i missed ‘iv‘]


He is eccentric & bizzare. He appeared like one of those guys created by god to be single. He possessed all the antics that could easily distance him from opposite gender. Things gradually changed. I started believing in evolution. Internet should be God to him & G-talk angels. If not for Google’s uninterrupted support he would have never communicated with her. What started as ‘hi! Hello’ chats extended to late night chats and night-out chats. It took an year for chatting to graduate to meeting, not to mention they lived in the hostels, same campus and were class mates. Within no time fell in love with each other.


He thinks that she is like everything she likes. She is very confident and a good thinker. Both know that presence of other will make life easy and good for the other. Ask her to disprove E=mc2 she may, but giving him consent is distant. God knows for what reasons. He is happy either ways. Love is like not having visa when your onsite journey is approved.

*If it bears close resemblance to your life, think it is a work of fiction. Else the compilation is a leaf out of few wonderful people who I have met. No offenses intended 🙂

#People who have partially discovered what is it all about. The stories have been named synomously or jumbled or reframed with all or few letters of the surname or firstname of people involved

^Stories have been compiled in alphabetic order. Readers are advised against making assumptions