I am glad and it comes as no surprise that Indian Industrialists showered praise on Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat after the recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat. I am among the few million people who are fans of this efficient leader. I firmly believe he is one among the few strong contenders to lead India Inc I agree to the doubts around whether he will be able to win the trust of other parties & the whole nation behind him.

There is no leader in BJP who can match his calibre.

L K Advani is a poor choice as a candidate for Prime Minister. Who would want a old leader with flawed eye-sight and hearing impairment? More importantly a conservative leader who is going to carry with him administrative boredom which will be fifty years old. We live in Obama Age.

My experience in Surat[Gujarat] during my college days has given me an idea about how good the administration functions in Gujarat and it is way better than many other states.

The praise showered by Industrialists is only a reflection of how he is. And a state prospers with an abled leader. Proverbs 29:4 says, “A leader of good judgment gives stability”. And the stability reflected when the people voted him to power once again.

He will the perfect man to break the old style functioning and create a breakthrough in the functioning of India Inc. He can weed out the unnecessary and bring in a difference.

I believe he is the difference between better and best. Modi will be the modifying factor. And his role in the forthcoming Lok Shaba elections will be important, if BJP has to win. Though it seems a distant possibility with Advani named as the prime-ministerial candidate.

Allegations may remain & complaints would continue. I hope that he matures with time and leads India.