This is what Mr. Harish Chandra Prasad, vice-chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry, Andra Pradesh had to say about Dr. Ramalinga Raju,Founder of Satyam Computer Services after Satyam Debacle, Ramalinga Raju was a hero till the last quarter of 2008 but today he is a zero. I was one of his biggest fans but today I am very upset”.

“How mean?” , is what I have to say to all the detractors and angry share holders of Satyam.

Call him whatever for the fraud and wrong-doings. At least he had the guts at last to come out in open and confess.

Satyam was his brain-child and nourished it to wherever it was few days ago. For god’s sake all Mr.Raju tried was to keep the company alive and stakeholders safe.

A article describes him as disgrace. I wouldn’t agree on any day. He fought his level best and by confessing his misdeeds he has proved it the umpteenth time that he is a man of great calibre. Bloody he doesn’t deserve it. He was, is and will be the pride of Andhra.

And all you bloody stakeholders came along just to take the lions share of spoils. Now that the lion falls doesn’t mean the glory is crestfallen.

Anyday his life & the his efforts would be a great inspiration. Hats off Raju. Long live his glory.