The new year has begun. I had a beautiful,if not the perfect, start to the new year. I am loving this new year and as I am writing it, I am feeling good about things to come. I spent a major part of the first day watching movies and riding the bike[I am very much unsure of the things to come, but very hopeful about good things]

2009 is very special for several reasons. I am independent, the definition here complies with Indian way, very specifically South Indian way of life, is a foremost reason. Not that I wouldn’t call up my father before deciding something, but it is just that I can be for him and my mom. Not that I have never been there for them but this is different.

One of my very close friend calls me a racist, when I use this word South India. I am not a racist or something. It is just that I am proud South-Indian. I enjoy the shirt& dhothi, eating on a banana leaf and carnatic music. I would be glad if I could use a more wholesome word “Indian”, like an Irish saying,”I am an Irish”, but for the complication which we address as Unity in Diversity. We are diverse and I have no regrets. Rather proud to be a part of this beautiful country, where we value and respect emotions & lives much more than any other nation.

Things apart, I gifted myself a book. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ by Lauren Weisberger. Felt very good about it and welcomed myself to 2009.

Life is beautiful.

P.S:- Rabne post in a shortwhile