Watched Rab ne bana di jodi recently, liked the movie. Adi failed to create the ddlj vibes though! Rabne is still a movie worth spending some money on.

Storyline is simple as the tag line and is very much defined by the photo on the right side. Surinder[SRK] marries Tania[Anushka] accidentally as a every guy would want tries to win her heart and the pursuit for the same is the movie. Happy ending!

SRK was spectacular be it as Suki(Helloo, Punjab power. Lighting up your lives) and Raj(Phir milenge..Chalte Chalte.. blah blah). The movies lived and lives only because of him. Anyone but Sharukh has the charisma to carry a simple story line and loose screenplay like this one. Adi flunked this one, but had the right team to ensure that his misjudgement didn’t bomb the box-office.

Relevance to real life: Every guy wants to win the heart of the girl he likes and does everything possible, rather the maximum possible in his limits. With that RNBDJ has struck chord with the common man! “Tuhi to jannat meri..” would have driven every single SRK fan and emotionally-in-love kinds crazy.

Par kya sach mein Rab jodi banatha hai ??
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