The last few days kept me occupied. Had an exciting trip to Lonavala. Training is on the closing stages. Dreaming happily of seeing myself as as full fledged engineer in the new year. India won the Test-Series against English. Happy and Sad. Happy, it won. Sad – It looks like the dependency on Sehwag has increased. Roughly a decade ago, Indian cricket team used to be this one man army heavily dependent on Sachin. It is understandable that the team in undergoing a change. But as far as tests are concerned, their run rates fell below 3.00 rpo in the last few innings when Sehwag failed to impress.

Have been reading a lot. Thinking a lot. Talking to her frequently. And what else could I ask from life!!

And laughed my heart out seeing this pic..

(C) Whomsoever made it. I received it in an email

P.S:- Another post aimed at active blogging. Planning to post soon.