Shri Lalu Prasad Yadhav, Honorable Railway Minister, has once again delivered the best budget possible. You can never satisfy people completely. Right from retaining the rail fares to announcing that Porters will be inducted as employees, he has provided yet another budget with complete surprises.

He has announced everything to woo passengers right from E- Waiting List tickets, Slashing down the AC tickets, 53 New trains, 10 Garib Raths, LHB Coaches, Outsourching Cleaning of Railways, Online control of trains, Security Improvements, No rate hikes.. And all you have is yet another budget that would generate lots of revenue for Railways.. Not alone railways, But all the allied agencies right from Construction, Maintenance, Passenger Services and all. Not to mention our Rickshawallahs, Auto- Drivers and Cab Drivers..

Hats off!

Lalu Rocks..