Knock knock…

“What the hell.. Who the f%$# is it?” I tell to myself.. And wake up to open my room door. I am not among those who get irritated when someone disturbs your sleep. But I couldn’t help thinking in those lines. Think! Someone falls asleep at 7.30 in the morning after a full nights work just to find someone irritating him around 9.00 AM. I find this tall guy who lives in the same hostel as I am.

“Arrey yaar paper nahi aaya..”..- him. Me- “Oh! God..”

I can understand what you can think! Pause.. I am not the paper boy. The story behind the scenes is that, I happened to get DNA (launched recently in Surat) subscriptions with a waiver. A lot of them subscribed. And it’s become a routine for me to listen to complaints and find solutions. So here I have a complaint. It’s the third day since the subscriptions have started! Though the local vendors deliver it, He is having a tough time, who wouldn’t have a whooping 215 subscriptions spread around 9 hostels. Over time his consistency has increased though.

And now back to this guy! He didn’t receive his copy after the first day. All he has to say is get me my newspaper or pay me back at the end of a lengthy uninteresting conversation. Though his demand seemed to be partially correct, here is an uninteresting and very irritating part of the conversation.

“ array main toh yaar paise diye tha.. mujhe nahi mil raha hai. Par bahut logo joh subscription nahi liyethe unko milraha hai..ab bata main kya karu?..”, him

“tikke.. I ll look into the matter.. toh kis kisko mil raha hai joh subscribe nahi kya?..”, me

“woh main kyun bataun… tera kaam hota hai.. bas main 1 aur din wait karunga yaa mera paise wapaass karde..”. How smart! Arsehole.. Mera Kaam?,”C’mon Is this what I have to undergo after doing all the talkings and getting the scheme benefiting them all”. My sleep is getting killed and i can realize my day beginning.

“wat the hell… shayad they would have read my room numbers wrongly.. let me understand.. tell me who all..”, me losing my drowsiness in his irritating speech.

“hai kuch log.. main kyun bolun… bas kal se mujhe paper chahiye.. ya paisa wapas karde..”, says Mr. Paper Subscriber

“wah wah.. tujhe paper bhi chahiye aur ye bhi nahi batayaga kisko mila raha hai.. sun it may be even your subscription which is reaching him wrongly tell me.. or..”, an angry me.

The conversation went on and he didn’t tell the name. I finally gave my copy of newspaper to him and went out with the list of people to find out where the problem is.

With half an hour the whole hostel was covered and I had identified people who have not received it. But still couldn’t figure out where the problem was and called up the vendor and fixed up a meeting. Then returned to my room, within few minutes I hear

“… knock knock..”

Now I find a non subscriber, who is also an inmate of the hostel. A not so ambitious and modest but nice guy, who has a fixed set of priorities. I like the way he lived. I always wondered how a guy could maintain such a low profile, but a very hard working guy. So here goes the conversation,

“ array sanjeev..woh kya hai na.. mere room pe DNA aata hai.. maine subscribe nahi kya.. mujhe nahi chahiye..”, him. Thank God!

“oh!.. thanks yaar.. I received a few complaints was trying to figure it out..”, me relieved to know the problem

“..woh kya hai na.. 2 din se tera room pe aaraha hoon hamesha band reheta hai..”, he seemed to find a solution to something he found as a problem.

“..oh.. tikke main vendor ko boldunga.. kalse paper band hojayaga.. tikke..”, finding the second encounter more interesting.

“… haan yaar..”, he leaves with a smile. I was amazed. Then I went to the wing he resides to find out whether my € (that is how I sometime write E, though not with two lines in the middle) was misread as C.

To my surprise I find the two issues of previous days DNA, untouched, in the dustbin. And he was happy to handover the other to me. Later in the day I met the vendor explained him the problem.

One individual who wants his problems solved but not ready to help the responsible find the solution. The other one who finds anything that is not his untouchable. Two contrasts. One thing I am sure that the names that the first one hid from me, does not have the second one. The second guy would not boast around after benefiting from someone elses mistake. I don’t claim to be a perfect individual to comment on the same. One thing is sure, if we want the system to be correct, we got to be transparent or better not complain it. But the question unanswered is, ‘Can the system be corrected?’

* Wiki Says.. Idiosyncrasy comes from Greek ιδιοσυγκρασία “a peculiar temperament,” “habit of body” (idios “one’s own” and sun-krasis “mixture”). It is defined as a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.