Its been so exciting and nice so far. India had their first win Down Under. God! What a match it was? The deserved a bigger win.. But you know, as it always ends..”India wins complacently, than comfortably!!!”.. Also happened to live through few moments of this small life which I could cherish later. I happened to accompany the Newzealand born Australian journalist Mr. Amos Cohen, who had come here to interview Mrs. Zafri, the widow of (late)Mr.Zafri, who was brutually murdered in the 2002 to Godhra Incident. Those moments were interesting and emotional!A detailed post in due on this. To add icing on the cake, to this more interesting day, We finally spent some very interesting time and sort of patched up!..

P.S: All i could say after the final commitment of the day, that the weaker sex are a very complex cipher to decipher!!