Indian Team has failed yet again, exposing their weakness against genuine pace bowling.. I am heavily disappointed after the first test debacle. And i believe by now the media would have started analyzing the reasons for the failure. There will a countless number of disappointed fans sitting and watching the post match analysis and nodding their heads for anything and everything. Anil Kumble will have a tough time if he is not ready to make some immediate decisions. The following are my views about what could be possibly done..
  • They should rethink the decision of opening with Rahul Dravid, everyone said this and will be saying this. He is one of the best No.3 batsmen of the decade. Why don’t team Management play him at the best position when they are playing the best side in the world. All you want to do is play your batsmen at the best positions.
  • M S Dhoni, one of India’s very hyped up cricketer, i my perspective, does not deserve his place in the side. He may be a good batsmen, but for succeeding in test cricket you need to have a sound technique. Drop him and play Dinesh Karthik who has proved his mettle in English turfs against some genuine fast bowling, and c’mon you can’t drop that guy is among the top fifteen leading run getters of Test Cricket in 2007. And please don’t quote his keeping debacle in Bangalore. You deny a guy his best fielding position for a good number of test matches and then play him he is bound to fumble. Now that he made mistakes he would have learned and i think he is fit and ready to don the keeper gloves. But I seriously doubt whether they will make the Vice- Captain sit. I would become Prestige issue, shit….
  • Australians have been uncomfortable against Murali Karthik, so dropping him was mistake. But still Kumble could have used his left arm option of Yuvraj Singh, that was another mistake. Yuvraj could have provided some vital break throughs. Utilise all your options when you are confronting and aiming to defeat a champion team.
  • Virender Sehwag deserves a place in the team. C’mon that guy has good record against Aussies. And also has a burning desire to perform and cement his place in the team. Don’t rest a roaring tiger in the cage. I think Kumble has to turn to his veteran dashing opener for the second test. He can also roll his arm over a produce some good bowling more importantly a wicket taking bowling options.
  • Playing Laxman and Yuvraj in the same team is not a very good option. I believe Yuvraj can wait and play more Domestic Indian or English Test cricket before playing full fledged test cricket for India. But with the lack of aggression and normal cricket Laxman plays it think Yuvraj can be tried, he provides left a slow bowling option for the Captian!!!
  • And with the amount of experience in the batting order, India should field five bowlers or four bowlers with an All-rounder(I think you all got it). And it is a must to field one right arm fast bowling option irrespective of experience, let them shoulder responsibilities who knows they can become the “Indian Cricket Idol of 2008”

I would personally like to see the following team played in Sydney next Wednesday:

Virender Sehwag
Wasim Jaffer
Rahul Dravid
Sachin Tendulkar
Sourav Ganguly
Dinesh Karthik
Irfan Pathan
Anil Kumble ©
Harbhajan Singh
Zaheer Khan
Pankaj Singh/ Ishant Sharma

May be Harbhajan can be dropped at the expense of playing Yuvraj- a batting all rounder. This side has a good batting depth and also a decent enough bowling depth to dismiss Aussies twice. So the simple verdict at the end of this test is Confident and Strong decisions need to be made to make sure we win. Lets wait and see and I am yet to listen what Kumble and the Team had to say about the defeat.. Waiting to see a positive team get in the field on 2nd Jan ’08 and return home with series win against the Champions side.

P.S: Hope by then few stones would have been pelted in the houses of a few cricketers and probably motivate them to perform ;)…

the above article is a light and personal take on the issue