The clock strikes 12!.. 00:00.. A group of females around the place assemble near the table in the centre of the room. The lights are switched off. And someone lights a match stick. The soft fingers light up ninteen candles. As nineteen little drops of light dance, all of them in the room start in unison, “Happy Birthday to You….”. The candles are blown and the cake is cut. Then starts the real celebration.

The cake is applied all over the birthday girls face! Birthday bums are given. Gifts, Greeting Cards, etc., are given.

The whole scene is filled with yelling, clapping, shouting, howling and all kinds of sounds giving a perfect celebration mood. And this continues…

Bang… opens the door! And there enters the warden of the Hostel. Irritated, Agitated, Drowsy and Pissed off.

All the girls stop!Silence everywhere.

“Is this how grown ups behave? Screaming… Screaming as if someone is raping you people!!.. stop this and disperse..”, says the Warden. And she walks away.


Someone whispers, “Oh! What does she think? If someone rapes me will i sing Happy Birthday to you!!..”

P.S: This happenend in one of India’s Premier Institutes.