the following literature which i had penned down within a couple of weeks after the completion of T20 World Cup got published in Renesa (Issue14 – Page8)

I remember someone yelling at me near the Sparsh* ’06 stage, during the celebrity night that Australia had made 434 against South Africa. As I began wondering who could possibly chase, I was told that SA already had! I was stunned. For a moment, amidst the euphoria of “Euphoria” …. I felt cricket is going to change and now it has.

Every now and then changes and improvements have kept the game’s spirit. Changes like third umpires, color outfits, day-night games, white cricket ball, Duckworth Lewis, TV replays, Sri Lankan strategy of scoring 100+ in the first fifteen overs in 1996WC, Super Sub, 3 Powerplays, etc., are a few which have revitalized cricket interests during a not so great phase.

The Asian sub-continent is the hub of international cricket. Likes and dislikes of Asian fans have mattered for ICC and they’ve paid heavily when they didn’t satisfy them. WC-2007 was a failure only because of the early exit of the giants of Asian cricket. Now to speak of Interests in the hostels, only six people saw the end of finals and presentation of WC-2007 in Hostel-8** TV room, similar scenes in other TV rooms also. The interest had fallen to bad depths. And then came this fast food version of cricket to rekindle the interest of Cricket.

As Asian giants were new to this form of cricket the interest shown by the fans initially was low. Everything changed overnight when Zimbabwe, a minnow in World Cricket, defeated the Australia, the giants of Modern Day Cricket. Change meant TV rooms saw full crowd. And India went on to become the T20 World Champions in the inaugural edition of T20 WC, which is history where every Indian fan lived each moment of it.

T20’s success would boost BCCI and urge to make fast moves about IPL. They are excellent at cashing in on opportunities, why would Mr. Pawar offer a cash prize four times that of what the team received winning the Cup? What else could be better publicity for IPL? Support from PCB, BCB, SLCB!! Simply the boys have made sure BCCI grow richer by winning.

So what is it about T20 that made it a success? This is something all of you who have been following T20 know. A good majority of people believe that T20 has nailed the coffin for Test Cricket. Be it the glamour or speed, T20 is nice and beautiful as a newly wed wife. Hope she serves the family of cricket lovers well.

To the BCCI:

  • Conduct only T20’s or test matches during March- April so the parent of kids who appear for board exams will be relieved, day matches preferred.
  • Invest More Money for Cricket in Rural India; remember the Singhs, Pathans, Dhonis, Sreesanths were not from the metros and posh cities. I don’t intend to take away credit from the Sharmas and Gambhirs.
  • Try to coordinate and nurture the best talents of the country, for the goodwill of cricket, keeping aside the internal politics.
  • Why not tie-up with MRF Pace foundation and improve the fast bowling quality?
  • Try better spinners!! Why the bouncer-looking Powar? Hunt for energy.
  • Invest more of your earnings to glamorize domestic cricket!!

Wishing you all the very best for IPL and happy money making. Do not forget the classic called Test Cricket.

* Cultural Festival of S.V.NIT, Surat

** A hostel in S.V.NIT, Surat. H-8 is named after Rabindranath Tagore. I was the Hostel Secretary of Tagore Bhavan in the academic year 2006-07.

P.S:- Incidentally within few days after completing the article Murali Karthik was called back to the Indian Side. And just like every other cricket fan I am happy that we won the World Cup in the first edition of T20. The article is my satirical take on T20 and India.