You are?
^^^^^ and You?
I am ^^^^^
Nice name!!!
How r u??
Nice meeting you..
Quite sometime we met each other
Heard that $, is it so!!..
Impressive man
Hey what’s your phone no.

Tring.. Tring.. Hi.. I didn’t disturb you!?! Rite…
Had a nice time talking with you..
Hey how about having a coffee
One Cappuccino, one Cold Coffee.. anything else
No, Btw Nice T-shirt ya
Coffee was sweeter than expected


Ting.. hey you free today?
… ting.. not sure temme!!
How abt pizza?
.. sure!!! I love pizzas…

pizzas or being with me, why can’t she speak it out
You heard $$$$$
Yess..Nice na.. so wat else temme da..
Nothing as such
Munch Munch Cheww Cheww
Munch Munch Cheww Cheww

Great Dinner da/di bye

Tring tring 2.56

1.00.02 (figures speak call summary)


…U free wanna talk wid u!!
Ting… Ya sure.. 7.30 Coffee day!

Meet you der…
wat? Did you tell nething!!..

Cmon da wat happnd!!

Pretending.. what cant she understand me.. girls…
Nothing as such
So there is something.. temme

See how characteristic of a female!..
Had a fight wid a long time friend, we broke up!!
Gir!! (her eye brows show signs of curiosity… face shows d hidden eagerness and anxiety)
No, ***** My Childhood friend..
Chalo (A sigh of relief)… don’t worry, see you ppl will patch up..
Thankyou for coming..
Hey no formalities


In one such next meeting our hero expresses himself
.. I think I am in love with you
What? Love?
Yes love
How can you think all this?
Is that wrong?


(in the next few meetings the girl confesses her heart out!!!).. GOD girls he feels…

Now the Package:-

Good mornings…
Breakfast together (if possible)
Lunch n dinner together mostly!!
Long Strolls
Discussions on everything
Fights on everything & anything (even nothing included hahahahah )
Encouraging each other…
Good Evenings (sometimes. Don’t ask me why?)
Good Nights… S d… T c…

Fall in love… You learn everything!!!

And then….
After three long years…

Hugs… Very Tight Hugs… Farewells kiss… Some Tears…
A touching Farewell…

P.S:- Only god knows what happened after that!! Derived & Extracted from true life incidents!! Dedicated to all who fell in love n to all who think love can’t happen to me… Who knows if not coffee yours may start in tea! Oh god what a business idea… Teeaa Shop. We Sell T-shirts too!!

P.P.S:- To all who are in college, and in love, “Let your love not get over on the day of completion… Try and work out a long term plan… Good luck”

^^^^^ ,$$$$$,***** are left to your assumptions