Renesa Issue 14 is out!!

Feels good, When people come to me and say “Good Work Man!!”….

Credits to:- Ms. Vidya, Mr. Jayant Madhav, Mr. Aabhushan.

Special Mentions to Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Bhavishya, Mr. Nijeesh Padmanabhan, Ms. Gitanjali Maria, Mr. Neeraj Ramnani, Ms. Arushi Pant!! Mr.Vivek n Ms. Richa thanks for your contributions..

Sidin it was very nice of you to write for us. Thank Surya akka, for being the first Guest Writer(Issue 13, Page 13 – Feminist Thought).

P.S: Renesa is SVNIT’s Monthly Newsletter, and I am the Secretary of it.