Sometime in life, with a heavy heart sit near the window or in the terrace on an pleasant evening (though the heavy heart never finds the diff!!!) i bet there could never be an occasion which could make you redefine many things of your life. This post may be interesting by the time you complete it or you may feel that a boron blabbered!!! i don’t mind what u feel because this is my space.. i have got the freedom to write what i think.

Why do people send their kids to school?? Actually this should have been the first confusion as a kid for everyone, but as usual i didnt feel that.. I remember my granny saying that when all the kids were crying and creating scene around the KG class room.. i politely walked inside the class room waving my hands to my parents and grandma!!! they should have been proud isnt it??? probably they were!! and i still give them a lot of opportunity these days even to feel proud abt me :)….

The doubt this (supposedly ;)) sweet kid had was, why do these so called beings called girls were allowed to grow more hair!!! .Even at the age of 19 i didnt get the answer….. and its a fact that its tuff to find girls with properly grown hair!!! though the doubt was not because i created problems for my barber, actually i didnt… even the mystrey behind why i had this doubt remains unknown.. and if you are a girl reading it ( though no girl reads me) plz answer this question…

As my life proceeded i had a doubts for each and everything. I used to listen and read a lot of weirdo dierdo stuff. Basically all these stuff taught people how to life, talk and many such things. Off late i realized all these things were smart acts by a smarter ones to outsmart the dumb ones and make money. These CAT coaching classes are one such. Sandeep Madhudhane is one smart guy who had all his basics of MBA right, and intelligently invested his brain behind the brand PT. smart isnt it???

I always wondered how a guy and girl who never knew each other ( ya this is about something which happened very frequently somewhere about ten years back, even now it is prevalent in many places.. if you deny it i am sorry you r wrong…) so ya… some two people without proper knowledge about each other get into a bond called marriage and complete a successful life. And if you are going to deny it i am sorry the divorce factor in a love marriage is more when compared to an arranged marriage. And guys this doesnt mean i am for arranged marriage. Frankly speaking i am not into marriage at all!! ok lets leave it… every coin has its second side. The philosphy is simple you like or adapt to the second side you succeed!!

What is love??this thing comes to my mind when i discuss marriage… and this is one question which could bring a million of answers.. of course there are many such questions.. But what is this?? who taught this to all?? what is the scale to measure it?? where does all this start?? If you go and ask these questions to some couple who claim that they are in love.. their answers will be dumb, they claim it to be divine n all the blah blah explanations .The reason is intelligent people dont get into such things. I am not claiming myself to be intelligent here in spite of the fact that i am not in love. The truth is love actually is a mirage. A product of a smart guys brains, to sell all his commodities. Almost all the new product target the youth and apparently thinking everyone to be a lover-boy. I am not advising anyone that love is a humbug or something like that. My humble opinion is that nothing of that sort exists. Atleast for now, lemme see if some dashing girl comes in my life and changes it… and it obivious that such a thing is not going to happen.

Cinema and poetry, mainly Indian, sell because of love. We can sit and count the number of movies which reached silver screen with out this girl boy thing!!!! Hats off to the smart guy who foresaw such a great prospect and made this concept of love. Hats off to you the “founder of love”. Even music these days sell if it has love or the pain caused by it. Now when i see up the confusion that love caused has been over discussed.. so lets skip to the next….

The most annoying confusion was why people try to complain on others when things go wrong. Oflate i have been practicing to reduce this. And now tired of thinkin a lot i decide to part here.. there are many such interesting indeed uninteresting things to analyze for which you need not be an expert.. life as we proceed teaches a lot.. so keep confusing yourself life becomes interesting and thrillin…. at times you get night mares about little things…. for now i am takin a break.. keep checking this area will come out soon with something interesting!!