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– Peter Howitt
Cast: Tim Robbins, Ryan Philippe, Claire Forlani
Credits: Howard Franklin

Antitrust or competition laws are laws which prohibit anti-competitive behavior and unfair business practices. ”Antitrust” gets the derivative from U.S law. The laws make certain practices illegal that are bound to hurt businesses or consumers or both, or generally to violate standards of ethical behaviour. Government agencies known as competition regulators regulate antitrust laws. This is more like consumer protection with some extra additions to it. Now many countries round the globe have their competition laws.

“Antitrust”-normally one with out the knowledge of these laws would tend to think otherwise

Gary Winston (Tim Robbins) believes that the genius of Milo Hoffman (Ryan Philippe) and Teddy Chin, two whiz kids from Stanford could help him in the successful launch of Synapse, a satellite delivered global communication system. Gary Winston is the charismatic CEO of NURV, a Portland based consultancy firm Milo and Teddy had been collaborates in college and their plan was to develop a video delivery system which indeed was similar to Synapse. Through out their college life they had been successfully breaking code and making copyright software public. They were both serious and passionate about open source, until Milo was entirely convinced by Gary on their first meeting. Milo accepts the offer and Tedy decides to stay away and work according to their previous plans. Milo, excited by the excellent work atmosphere, works long hours. At times source codes spring up from nowhere about which he was naive. The sudden death of Teddy and Gary’s remarks there on make Milo suspicious. On his investigation he is stunned by Gary’s means of dispatching antitrust problems. He is stunned to learn that even his girl friend Alice (Claire Fortlani), an ex-criminal was hired by Gary to rope him into the project. Milo during this process gets close in touch with Lisa, his colleague, who was also a part of Synapse. He begins to confide in her soon after learning that his girlfriend was a part of Gary’s wicked group of people, but later finds that Lisa was also a part of them. Milo then with the help of his friends makes Synapse public and brings the unseen side of Gary Winston in the open. The movie ends with the collapse of NURV and the arrest of Gary Winston and his men. Milo ends up realizing that trusting anyone could be a mistake and nothing is as it seems. Milo revives the “Skulls and Bocks”, a consultancy firm that he had planned with Teddy and two other friends. The story carries a message on the importance of open source programming, which still is a much debated topic.

Music is the icing on the cake. Don Davis has done an excellent job. The character of Gary Winston has physical likeness to that of Bill Gates. Coincidentally Bill Gates was a pioneer in money making with brains. Open source is a great concept in itself. It is the way you see it, call it a philosophy, religion, concept, pragmatism or whatever. It is just allowing the end product to be developed by others too. It does not just mean access to the code but includes many other things like free distribution of source code, derived works, Integrity of Authors code, license distribution, licensing with certain other factors and Zero discrimination.

Many dialogues are catchy. Here are a few of the better ones.

“Human Knowledge belongs to the world”, is what Teddy Chin says favouring open source programming.

“ … software business is binary you one or a zero, alive or dead. There is no second place..”

Verdict: As a movie Antitrust is excellent and gripping. Being a student you will all enjoy watching it. This movie goes to show that it’s a strong story line more than a star cast that makes a movie click ( Is Karan Johar listening!!!…)