I have been putting a lot of thought behind updating my blog and came across many topics but decided to settle upon need for human rights. Recently i read a few articles which insisted the need for human rights. I am writing my own opinions along with the some interesting, though awful points. Previously i had a very outcasted thought about human rights. I was thinking that terrorism, molestation and few other things were against human rights. But was surprised to learn that even simpler things than that accounted for violation of human rights. There have been numerous ocassions where human rights were denied and the denial went unquestioned even when it was accepted publicly. Dening human rights never be forgiven whatever be the excuse. Killing or illtreating people in name of god, relegion, caste, creed, colour can’t be forgiven.
Here are few incidents were violation went public,
— Somaratne, a Srilankan soldier openly admitted in the Military court of Srilanka about the sexual harassment of poor tamil elam girls. He was acussed for the same and he made a statement that, “If i were to be punished the whole Srilankan army deployed there should be punished.”
_ People belonging reserved communities were denied entry to the common pond and well. It went to extreme of making them feed on shit. Shit was dumped into their mouth. Is there any extreme than this!!!
— During the Godhra incident in Gujarat state, the child in the womb of a pregnant lady was taken out and burned. Numerous muslim ladies were raped.
— Ajitha a lady who was molested and cruelly harassed said in the court that if lattis had the power to make me concieve i would have been a mother of thirteen children.– After the US attack and when Saddams regime was overthrown, Many women were sexually harassed and raped by the combined military force soldiers.
— Reserved constituencies of Pappapati and Keeripati of Tamilnadu are always on news during the elections. The Government is unable to conduct a panchayat elections. The people who claim them to be of upper castes do not like them to be ruled by people of lower castes.
All the above incidents made to news, Still there would have been many incidents which didnt make it to the media. No one can deny if i say that there is violation of human right round the clock around the globe. No country can claim that it has no incindent of Human rights violation.
What could be the solution to this long standing problem?? to me the questoin could never be answered to the fullest. Because there are people who make life out of these problems. I feel Indian politics have their epicentre in this caste, creed. If you monitor the way many politicians
made their way to glory, we could find their success was because of divide and rule. Even the same could be the reason why this goes unchecked round the globe.