I have a lot of friends, this has helped me to develop in multi- dimensions. I have always been in lime-light since my school days, keeping myself active in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. And in the early days of college i tried hardly to maintaining a low-profile and failed. Since then, I was amazed by the guys who maintain a low profile. This incident developed a respect for them. Most of them chose to be low-profile and that made me coin this term ‘Selectively Active’. 

The ‘Selectively Actives’ are usually abundantly talented but prefer keep away from the lime-light. I had a very good friend sings well(indeed was a trainde singer) and entertains us in groups. But he never tried particpating in competitions or performing on stage. And surprisingly the reason was not stage fear. Then, there was this friend who had a great flavour for reading and writing, but hardly tried contributing for newsletters or anything. His writings deserve recognition. These Selectively active people interestingly specialized in specific things and were so much hooked upto it and hardly concentrated on expressing them. There was this another friend of mine who had a great sense of man-management and humor. He was a potential leader, but his abilities went unfed as he preferred to stay away from responsibilities.

Even here in college, I am able to look around me and locate a handful of people who are ‘Selectively Active’. They all amaze me by being so inactive and remaining in a shell.