Focus for next few months!

Just like a million other vows I have made in my life after f**ked up exams, I intend to focus on reading the following subjects:-

Economics(Macro & Micro)
Business Statistics

God help me. Wish me luck…



I ain’t a poet,
To pen you a sonnet.
Thy beauty, thy wit
Hath no parallel I bet.

You aren’t the best,
But I like you the most.
My patience goes for a test
When ‘We are friends’ reads your text!

Big, Dull and Sober
Am lazy as the bear;
But you know I am dear
And our hearts so near.

With no further delay
Let me confess right away,
"I miss you everyday"
Why are you far away?


Simple Art work

Not mine. A very special friend did it.

Print unprintable pdfs

Ever come across a pdf file with print option blocked? Frustrating. Ain’t it? There are many solutions to it. Installing Ghostscript & Ghostview is the simplest of solutions.

Step 1: Download Ghostscript & Ghostview installers.

Step 2: Install Ghostscript and then Ghostview.

Step 3: Open GSview that is installed, drag-drop or open the pdf file that you intend to print.

Step 4: Print. Bingo! there you have it.    

In few cases the pdf quality reduces but you are smiling already aren’t you! Find Ghostscript & Ghostview installers here. Ghostscript & Ghostview are free software shared under GNU General Public License.

Note: Stumbled across this information during a random-desperate-I-need-to-print-this-pdf search. Before using the tweak please take note of the pdf authors intent and check if you can obtain his/her permission.

Waka Waka

The official FIFA anthem for the 2010 world cup, more than the world cup itself, is crazy. The video and Shakira are awesome.

Interpretation of the ‘Tsaminamina zangalewa’ bit of Waka Waka can be found here.

An elaborate post on the song, lyrics and embedded Spanish video can be found here.

Taking chances…

I’ve changed the blog tagline to  ‘Take a chance; Live the life’. The change is because of two people,

  • A beautiful girl (with whom I share a complicated relationship)
  • Morrie Schwartz, (Protagonist of Mitch Albom’s ‘tuesdays with Morrie‘)

The former has been a pleasant influence in my life for quite sometime and the latter struck me hard in a train journey. Incidentally the former gave me the book to read. Morrie’s opinions on life and loads of things gave me interesting insights. I felt my pursuits have been very concise and shallow. He inspired me to enjoy the pursuit. And for the girl if it is was not for the chance that I took during my graduation days I would have remained far from this interesting person. It is probably the success that inspires me to explore.

Why take a chance?

Because it is very easy to let go of one and be happy. But that is not always the purpose of life. Ain’t it?!

Why live the life?

That is the least of the favour one can do for oneself.

I will be taking chances and will be enjoying my life. Wish you all a great time.

Update(June’10): The tagline was changed recently.

3 Idiots went to watch Radio!

They had an awesome time posing and watching movie! It was fun. Himesh’s antics kept them completely occupied. They feel it was worth every penny spent….

HR rocks!